создаю идеям форму
в цифровом Пространстве
Moskovskiy provansal'Dream Kitchen
HoMM: VIStrength vs. experience
Berserk.HeroesSorceress of fire and sand
KB CreativeKernel development
RuinartWorld of Contemporary Art
EnjourneySocial network of travelers
KB CreativeCreative agency
Reklama.FilmPortfolio of video studios
AvinidaEvery gift is desirable
Green RoadsCarsharing
RussiaTourist brand of the country
EnjourneyTravel style


I'm Oksana Baira, designer-artist

For 13 years I have enjoyed working in the field of website design, brand development and computer graphics. I am pleased that my works are valued both by amateurs and by the professional community. Among the major customers are Nestle, Moscow City Hall, ITM Group, Sberbank. Now, most of the time I spend working on Enjourney. I live in Moscow. I like to travel and take photos :-)


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